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24 Pack of Ice Pop & Frozen Treat Drip Catchers

24 Pack of Ice Pop & Frozen Treat Drip Catchers

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Expands During Use &
Keeps Children Clean!

Love frozen pops, but not the sticky mess? Our patent-pending product, DripCatchers, is a sponge that catches the messy drippings from frozen treats on a stick. Unlike easy-to-spill plastic drip catchers, this clever invention actually absorbs melted juices. DripCatchers help keep your kids clean while they are enjoying a frozen treat! No more sticky hands or arms! Simply slide a DripCatcher on the stick of a frozen treat and watch it expand during use and then dispose. DripCatchers have been lab tested by the largest frozen novelty manufacturers. During the tests, a single DripCatcher absorbed an entire frozen treat. DripCatchers are made of compressed, absorbent cellulose sponges which are considered safe by the FDA. The ink used for printing on the sponge is non-toxic. 2" in diameter. (shipping weight 0 lbs)

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