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Questions & Answers About Kids Club

Q: What is the difference between Regular Price and Kids Club Price?
A: Regular Price is the average retail price found in other catalogs, retail stores and online stores. Kids Club Price is the amount you pay as a member of Kids Club.

Q: How much can I really save with Kids Club?
A: At Kids Club, you'll buy popular, brand name products for as much as 40% off regular retail pricing! Compare our prices with your favorite catalogs, children's superstores or online stores, and you'll want Kids Club for all your nursery needs, birthday and holiday gifts, and baby showers. As an added bonus, Kids Club Members can also receive 20% off all orders at NaturalBabyHome.com and PerfectlySafe.com with the coupon code KIDSCLUB07.

Q: How Can I join?
A: When you place your first order, sign up for your FREE Three Month trial. You'll get the reduced club prices for every item on your first order and for every order you place for the next three months.

Q: What does it cost me to join?
A: As a first time Customer, you receive a FREE three month trial. After that, it is only $18.00 per year for these great savings. At the end of the three month free trial, we'll automatically charge the membership fee unless you tell us otherwise. If you forget to tell us and notice the charge on your credit card bill, just give us a call and we will cancel your membership immediately. We will also issue you a full refund as long as it is within 90 days of being charged.

Q: How do I cancel my Kids Club membership?
A: You can cancel your membership anytime by simply sending us an e-mail: custserv@jeannieskidsclub.com

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