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2 Pack Baby Blends BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Bottle Blender Whisks

2 Pack Baby Blends BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Bottle Blender Whisks

Item# 56270
Baby BlendsŪ Bottle Whisk is an In-bottle silicone whisk made to help break clumps without breaking your routine! Simply put a Blend in your bottle when you prepare your bottle and shake as usual! The blend does all the work! No More fishing for clumps! Baby BlendsŪ Bottle Whisk has been exclusively designed by a mom, for moms. We know how important it can be to keep up with feeding schedules, especially when on the go or at night time feedings.

SAFE AND BPA FREE : Intended to be absolutely safe and healthy for your little one. The formula mixing food grade silicon shaker balls are BPA and phthalates free

FITS IN BOTTLES EASILY : Designed to be inserted or removed quickly. The uniquely egg shaped shaker mixer ball can effortlessly fit inside most bottles. 1 X 1.5 Inch size

ENSURE PROPER NUTRITION : Guarantee proper growth and nutrition for your new-born by slicing through formula clumps and sludge with our food grade baby bottle mixer balls

IMPROVED MIXING : Eliminate foamy bubbles which cause gas in a babies stomach with the baby bottle blender ball. The added number of spirals and thickness reduce froth greatly

EASY TO CLEAN : Due to their unique egg shape, the shaker bottle ball can be quickly scooped out for a quick rinse of water or cleaned inside a dishwasher
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