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2-Story X-It Products Portable Fire Escape Ladder

2-Story X-It Products Portable Fire Escape Ladder

2-Story X-It Products Portable Fire Escape Ladder
Item# 11102
The X-IT ladder is much lighter than other ladders by as much as 50% but safely hold up to 1,000 pounds. When the ladder is needed, just open the Ladder cover, hook the Ladder to the Window Sill and and let go. When released, it will open and position itself instantly. It has the Universal Grapple Hook System so it will work on more windows, including deeper windows, than any other system. Also unlike other inexpensive models, this fire escape ladder is very rigid and sturdy and will never buckle or sway. All of our Fire Escape Ladders are braced by "stand-offs" which hold the steps away from the wall to make room for your toes. This unique feature makes for a safe and stable descent. Sewn Loops have been added to the bottom to allow lengthening of the ladder. The X-It Ladder is made of aircraft grade aluminum for lightness and durability and a flame resistant material so escape is possible before the temperatures become unsafe. The steps have an anti-slip surface. Tested Best compared to other ladders, including plastic ladders that failed at low temperatures. Folds compactly for storage. The X-It ladder comes with a 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty. The 2-Story Ladder extends to 13 Feet and includes 10 Steps. Rated to hold up to 333 lbs and tested up to 1000 lbs. Box Size 12" x 5¾" x 7¾". (shipping weight 8 lbs)

Top 6 criteria for selecting the Best Emergency Fire Escape Ladder:

1. It must be the right length. The X-IT Ladder should get you to within 2' of the ground for safe escape. To measure for your ladder drop a string out the window until it touches the ground, mark the string at the window sill, then pull the string inside to measure it.

2. It must fit the window sill. X-IT Ladders are designed for ALL window/wall thicknesses by securing to the wall structure beneath the window sill. Other emergency ladders are limited to window/wall thicknesses between 10" to 12".

3. It must be approved. X-IT Ladders exceed ASTM Standard F2175. UL participates in ASTM Standard F2175.

4. It must perform. The X-IT Ladder was independently tested by Fox News and proven to be the safest, smallest, lightest, easiest and quickest to use.

5. It must be re-usable. X-IT Ladders are re-usable. We encourage safe practice.

6. It must be the best emergency fire escape ladder. The X-IT Ladder has won many awards and is part of the New York Museum of Modern Art. Major manufacturers have stopped producing chain rail escape ladders and plastic step escape ladders because they are bulky, heavy, weak, known to tangle, and are slow to deploy.

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