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Kids Neoprene Adjustable Swimming Frogglez Goggles with Elastic Straps

Kids Neoprene Adjustable Swimming Frogglez Goggles with Elastic Straps

Item# 26062
Frogglez Goggles were specifically designed to fit recreational swimmers ages 3 years and up, effectively eliminating the hassles associated with traditional swim goggles. Designed by a parent who was frustrated with regular swim goggles, Frogglez are quickly becoming the first choice for swim instructors and parents all around the world. Soft, stretchy elastic straps secure leak resistant goggles without folding over ears or sliding down the back of the head. Easy, quality Velcro attachment for size adjustments. Removable, adjustable Universal Strap attaches to most swimming goggles.

Frogglez are made out of neoprene covered in a smooth, comfortable material that glides over hair, not pulling on it like traditional swim goggles do. The elastic strap is designed to adapt to most head sizes but will initially need to be stretched for a few seconds all around to adapt to larger heads. The first time you use Frogglez Goggles, stretch the strap all around and then place on the head. The advanced strap design then molds itself to the head and becomes incredibly comfortable. Edge stitching to maximize the life of the Frogglez strap.

Frogglez Goggles add an element of style never seen in swim goggles before. Exciting colors and designs make Frogglez Goggles not only easier to use, but fun! Frogglez float, as other goggles sink to bottom of pool. Kids can put them on by themselves without trouble. Leak preventing goggle design with clear, TPE hypoallergenic frames. Frogglez Goggles are a complete redesign of traditional swim goggles. Testing over the last few years by real kids has proven that Frogglez Goggles are a hit. One size fits all for ages 3-6 and up. (shipping weight 0 lbs)

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