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Lamby "Sheepie" Sheepskin Wool Stroller or Car Seat Liner

Lamby "Sheepie" Sheepskin Wool Stroller or Car Seat Liner

Lamby "Sheepie" Sheepskin Wool Stroller or Car Seat Liner
Item# 677511
For stroller or car seat, dense sheepskin pile protects against bumping or jarring and prevents "sticking to the seat". Year round cushion comfort. One size fits all. Naturally flame resistant. Available in Ivory. (shipping weight 6 lbs)

Baby should use Lamby continually, in the bassinet, bed, carrier, stroller, and car seat, even on the floor. It is preferable not to cover the lambskin with a sheet as this reduces its effectiveness. However, placing a diaper under the head and buttocks while baby is small will prevent minor soiling. For maximum benefit, baby should lie directly on Lamby. In hot weather, dress baby in as few clothes as possible. On very hot days, use just a diaper, and cover with a light sheet. In cold weather, body contact with the lambskin should be as complete as possible or upon following the advice of your pediatrician.

Machine wash gentle short wool cycle with lukewarm or cold water with Wooltech Lambskin Shampoo & Wool Wash. May be hand washed in warm water then rinsed in warm water. To dry roll in towel to squeeze out excess moisture. Tumble dry, cool cycle (NO HEAT) for 10 minutes. Hang by corners to dry. Keep away from direct heat or sunlight. May be dry cleaned, however - air out to remove any residual odor. Lamby should not have to be brushed as do long wooled lambskins. Slightly soiled areas can be sponged clean.

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