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Memory Maker Horizontal 6 Frame Stretch Photo Bracelet

Memory Maker Horizontal 6 Frame Stretch Photo Bracelet

Memory Maker Horizontal 6 Frame Stretch Photo Bracelet
Item# Y766
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-EZ-Fit Photo Reduction System Fits Pictures Perfectly!
-Quick, Easy & Fun - Change Pictures Anytime!
-No Need to Search for the Perfect Locket Size Photo!

Abbie Rapport, designer of Birthstone Brats, is very proud of her three boys and has frames with their pictures all over her house and office. When she travels she carries pictures in her wallet. She noticed how worn and creased her pictures appeared after years of getting then out and sharing them with other people. She wished she had a better way to show off her family.

Then she got an idea! She thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a piece of jewelry that would allow you to carry around pictures of your children, grandchildren, pets, boyfriend, family members, even your vacation?” The result was Memory Maker Photo Bracelets. The patent pending bracelet and reduction system, allows you to take any photo to a color copier and easily reduce the pictures. Each picture fits perfectly every time! Best of all the process is so easy to do that you can change pictures whenever you want.

Abbie loved the thought of being able to give a unique and personalized present to all of her family and friends. When she shared the new bracelet with them it was instant love and cries of when can we have them! Create a unique keepsake and share the photos you love with others! The miniature frames show off your family, weddings, dream vacations, best friends, favorite pets, or vintage photos. The possibilities are endless. Choose Gold or Silver Finish in Small (6½"), Med/Lrg (7") or X-Large (7¾") Sized Bracelets. (shipping weight 1 lb)

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