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Allerwash Wooltech Lambskin Shampoo & Wool Wash - 16 oz

Allerwash Wooltech Lambskin Shampoo & Wool Wash - 16 oz

Item# 677504
A Natural Shampoo To Clean and Sanitize Lambskin and Wool Bedding! From Australia, Allerwash aka Wooltech Wool wash was formulated by a company that knows how wool and lambskin products should be treated. According to these experts, detergents which contain substances like peroxide, enzymes, phosphates, alkali, or bleach can ruin lambskin's leather and stiffen your lovely woolen blankets and baby clothing. Wooltech safely removes oil-based stains, conditions and lubricates leather, and adds a luster and soft "hand" to wool fibers. Formulated with Australian Tea Tree Oil for anti-bacterial and odor eliminating properties. Eliminates dustmite and pet allergen. Can also be used in your regular laundry if there's asthma in the family. Phosphate free, no enzymes, peroxide alkali or bleach. Biodegradable. Approved detergent for Merinomark, Australian Quality Merino. 500 ml concentrate. (shipping weight 3 lbs)

In 2014, the name Wooltech was changed to Allerwash but is the exact same formula as it's always been.

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