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Pack of 4 Safety 1st Adhesive Cabinet & Drawer Latches

Pack of 4 Safety 1st Adhesive Cabinet & Drawer Latches

Item# 806509
$16.95, 2/$28.98, 3/$38.99
The first time your little one walks across the room is very exciting, but the first time they get into the cabinets is not. For your toddler, opening a cabinet is a fun game of emptying everything out. Keep them from gaining access to everything from breakable objects to your secret candy stash with our Safety 1st Adhesive Cabinet and Drawer Latches.

- Easy installation: Just peel and stick Comes with an easy-to-use installation template so no measuring needed
- No tools necessary for most cabinets. Some materials, such as particle board, require the use of screws (included)
- Perfect choice for renters or anyone who doesn't want to damage their cabinets
- Disengages for periods of non-use
- Toddler tested and proven stronger in both real life and mechanical lab tests, outperforming the competition
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