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Seat Belt Buckle Guard Pro

Seat Belt Buckle Guard Pro

Item# 90404
In 1994 the Seat Belt Buckle Guard was introduced as the first, patented child safety device that deterred children from unbuckling their seat belts while riding in a motorized vehicle. New Buckle Guard PRO is more universal than the original Buckle Guard and will fit the larger seat belt buckles in today’s cars, vans, SUVs, and buses. It has a sleek design and, of course, the famous FDA approved "Push and Turn" child safety cap that is used to secure the device. Easily slips onto the seat belt buckle without any tools. Can be quickly removed by an adult or an older child. Works with car seats, booster seats, and standard seat belts. Works for special needs kids and adults, and on school buses. Made in the USA. (shipping weight 1 lb)
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