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Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Item# 90402
Buckle Guard slips over a standard-sized seat buckle and hides the release button from a child's curious fingers. Hinge allows easy access to release button on front release buckles, too. Buckle Guard has a white FDA approved "Push and Turn" child safety cap that was patented in 1994. This prevents children and disabled adults from opening their seat belts while riding in a motorized vehicle. Portable so you can easily take it from car to car. If your seat buckle is up to 2" wide and 1 1/8" high, this product will fit your buckle. This product is not a life-saving device and is used only as a deterrent. Once your child can open Buckle Guard and access the release button, stop using it immediately. No tools required for installation. Made in the USA. (shipping weight 1 lb)
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